end life obsolete product management

Component Lifecycle Management

The rapid growth of the electronics technology sector has spurred dramatic changes in the lifecycle of electronic components. Many of the electronic parts that make up a product have a life cycle that is significantly shorter than the life cycle of the product. Monitoring and managing component obsolescence can be a monumental task for OEMs and EMS providers. component-lifecycle Wizard Technologies helps you manage your component life cycle changes with market based planning and forecasting based on your bill of materials. We monitor component life cycles and will alert you to product changes. We can assist you with volume purchases of end of life components and stock them for your production or repair requirements. Wizard has the expertise to help you make the critical buying decisions that will give you an edge over your competition.

Obsolete Product Management

Service agreements for warranty and repair of your products can create a need for components years after they have become obsolete. Wizards command of the global electronics marketplace allows us to locate obsolete components and we will stock and bond these components for you if required.