consignment programs

Wizard Technologies offers customized Consignment Programs for companies that want to maximize the value of their inventory/assets. Consigned Inventory is the perfect solution for companies that want to maintain ownership of their inventory. Our consignment programs are designed so that we do all the work. We send a Wizard Technologies Representative to your facility and work closely with you to arrange the transfer, at our expense, of your inventory to our warehouse. Upon receipt in our warehouse, we will inspect and catalogue each item and send you a detailed list for your review. Once we receive your go ahead, your inventory will be marketed for sale through our global trading networks. We sell your inventory at market prices with a monthly return of funds to you based upon a mutually agreed upon shared revenue arrangement. We will furnish you with monthly metrics that will provide inventory and sales data for all of your consigned items. It is that easy.

Benefits To Your Organization:

  • Optimizes your inventories recovery potential proving a higher ROI than an outright sale.
  • Frees up critical warehouse space
  • Retained ownership allows you to pull back parts for production or repairs if needed.
  • We handle all of the logistics, inspections, data collection, marketing, quotes, sales invoicing and payment collection.